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To use your KittyKitty Credits fill out the form. Please be very careful to get all the details correct so that I can process your order as quickly as possible. Items are first come first serve. If someone else requests an item before you than you will be contacted with further options.

If you choose to invest into the community treasury, the funds will be used to benefit holders. There will be a poll available in IttyBitty City to determine what members would like to see funds spent on. Until we vote for an alternative, the treasury will be kept for community contest rewards and advancements and eventually to cover the cost of listing the kittykittycoin into the crypto market at which point it will be dropped to all Rockhound/KKC holders. 

Due to the current pricing, all KittyKitties come with 10 credits and Rockhounds do not yet hold any. If you are interested in merch but don't yet have credits or see exactly what you want here please contact @stickynickys on twitter to discuss options.

See cat credit totals here.

Redeem KittyKitty Credits
What would you like to use your credit for?

Thank you for being a part of the kitty kitty/rockhound community! I will contact you to verify or if there are any questions. Please note that when you use reward credits to adopt a stray they will start with 0 balance


Stone specimens/slices
Stone trees
Misc. Items

Special requests are encouraged! (within reason)
All stones are authentic and collected in the Northern California/Nevada/Oregon area by me personally. All processed stones/jewelry are also made by me excluding the beads.

If you see any type of stone or design style that you like feel free to fill the form and request custom orders. They do not cost extra. I have plenty of each type of rock and will happily select and present specimens or options to suit whatever you are looking for. Your credits will not be used unless we find the jewelry/stone(s) you want to order. No refunds on credits unless you return item in the same condition AND reimburse me for shipping, as that is most of the credit cost.

For custom orders on jewelry/processed stones please keep in mind that there may be a slight delay for production time depending on what needs to be done.


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